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LeadersNow International is an organization that provides formation in authentic leadership to young women in middle school, high school, and college.  Membership in the organization provides young women with formation in character, leadership, professional presentation, and service to others. Established in 2003, LeadersNow International has formed over 1400 young women who aspire to become authentic leaders within their schools, communities, and families.



The mission of LeadersNow International is to promote the dignity and integrity of young women.The organization was established to help young women develop their character, present themselves in a positive manner, and to recognize that authentic leadership requires a gift of self to others and the community. In all of its programs and activities, LeadersNow International provides the formation and skills necessary for young women to make a positive impact in society, both now and in the future!

LeadersNow International is a 501©3 charitable organization.
Programs are rooted in Catholic moral and social teaching and embrace young women regardless of their religious, racial, ethnic, or economic status.

Membership Levels

PHASE ONE | Foundations in Authentic Leadership

In Phase One of Membership, girls engage in The LeadersNow Program which contains 19 lessons in character development, leadership, style, and poise. Girls learn how to strengthen their character, develop the qualities of good leadership, polish their appearance, and become young women who are poised in every aspect of their lives.

PHASE TWO | Authentic Leadership In Practice

Once a girl has successfully completed Phase One of Membership, she is eligible to take part in Phase Two of Membership. The Phase Two Members put their leadership skills into practice by planning and carrying out service projects.  They also establish individual goals, explore various professions, and take part in leadership training modules.

LNI Professional Association | Leadership Network

Upon graduation from high school, LNI Members are invited to join the LeadersNow International Professional Association.  The LNIPA is made up of LeadersNow International graduates, LNI Chapter Coordinators, as well as other professional women and businesses who support our mission.


“LeadersNow International has changed my life in so many ways, especially during my high school years and now as I am preparing for college. Having been involved in this organization since I was in the 7th grade, I have grown tremendously through the support of the other members of my chapter and my Chapter Coordinator. I have become so much more confident in who I am and have learned to treat others with respect, especially myself. I would recommend this organization to any young woman who wants to become the best person she can be!”

Teresa Cardone

LNI Member

“I chose to become a Chapter Coordinator for LeadersNow International primarily to benefit my daughter. I was interested in providing her and her friends with the character development and value training that the organization offers because I feel that there is such a void in this area for our young women.

I have found the “LeadersNow Program” to be extremely well written and easy to use–something I was looking for, since I do not have a teaching background. The lessons and lesson plans are organized and prepared in a way that can be followed easily. The program also offers you the flexibility to enhance the lesson with additional activities of your own if you desire.

The 13 girls in my club are enthusiastic about the instruction and enjoy being able to learn about character, leadership, style, and poise with their friends. I have been very pleased with the organization and would highly recommend it to any woman interested in making a difference in the lives of teenage girls.”

Lauri Henry

Chapter Coordinator

“I will always remember the tools and skills that I learned while being a member of LeadersNow International. The most important thing I learned by going through “The LeadersNow Program,” was that the beauty of a person does not come from the outside, but from within. The lessons on character development, leadership, and service helped me a great deal as a teen. Learning about the importance of presenting a positive image was also very important to me. I know I will carry these lessons with me throughout my entire life.”

Erika Davis

LNI Member

“A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Annie Lang for establishing LeadersNow International. “The LeadersNow Program” and your organization have provided a great beginning for my daughter during her teenage years. Through her involvement in LeadersNow International, my daughter came to appreciate her unique gifts, talents, and the importance of her character. She also learned the importance of communicating a positive self-image through education in style, poise, and etiquette.

The time spent with women who are leaders and business owners in our community was extremely effective in helping my daughter learn from other women about the importance of leadership. My daughter also grew tremendously through the service projects she performed. She was able to share her gifts and talents by helping others and realized the joy and rewards that come from giving of yourself to others.

I feel that my daughter’s involvement in LeadersNow International has been an extremely positive experience and I am forever grateful that she was a part of this organization.”

Karen Davis

Mother of LNI Member